The Consciousness of our Sensations and Family Constellations

The energetic and subtle psychotherapy has its roots in the ancient times, and was brought back at the end of the century XVIII by Mesmer and his followers, the magnetizers. In the XX century it was reclaimed by W. Reich and the basis of sensory bio-energy propagated by Freudian studies. With the diffusion of the oriental therapies in our environment there was a merger, where some researchers have concluded that it was something subtle and of the soul.
We are pure sensations. We think and act through our sensations. What I call sensations are the energy impressions of experiences, feelings, thoughts that are stored in our body cells and have become "memories". They come back all the time as if they were wishes and desires hidden in our subconscious emerging from time to time and reminding us of what resides within us. These are sensations of our experiences, but it is not the experience itself. Our sensations act in our subconscious and emerge consciously or unconsciously…


t is a collection of questions and answers about everything in life, emotions, anger, feelings, actions that came through meditations done at 5 am every day for 5 years spontaneously. The questions are objective, straightforward and the answers are direct, simple. We believe these are responses from beings above us.

Meditations gathered

Zaquie has always used meditation as a guide to questions and questions in her life and obtained wonderful results. 
That's why she has put together several Tibetan, Celtic and her own meditations so you can use this wonderful tool and make progress in your life. 
What's more, you can listen more than once as often as it is on different days 
Come on? You will love!

Expressing your wishes

Today's world was created this way because people first wanted, thought and visualized like this.

Faith is what sustains a bird

Zaquie Meredith, with her peculiar way of saying things, respects what her intuition dictates in a simple and profound way.